Friday, 8 December 2017

december 2017 kattenvoer op radio tonka

v a n a f   tot   e i n d e

1e uur  ::  

kemialliset ystavat - fatcat split > the shadow ring - remains UNchanged - kye > elg - mil pluton > drainolith - spectrum spools  >

2e uur :: 

max goldt - l √©glise des crocodiles - gagarin  > anton heyboer - you can make yourself healthy by your spirit > anton - woman gives herself by her eyes and that is all - power > call back the giants - incidents of travel - kye records >

3e uur :: 

sun ra - atlantis > albert ayler - ghosts > the khan jamal creative arts ensemble > songs of norway - despite the cloack >

okeeeeee da wassam dan 

Friday, 3 November 2017

nov.2017 radio tonka kattenvoer

jaaa jaa ja ja d/l or stream for pleasure

deze time voornamelijk nieuwe platen van de laatste tijd

1e uur

mudboy 12" philip k dick virtual duet
asian women on the telephone - A123
freeform - vietnam & china
ryuichi sakamoto - side a esperanto

2e uur

felix kubin - the pataphysical tape club audioplay
lieven martens moana - idylls
matthew revert - being small

3e uur

don cherry - music wisdom love
miles davis - live evil
joe mcphee - seatlle symphony

v o l l e   m a a n

Saturday, 7 October 2017

tonka oktober 2017 nippon special

jaaa jaa ja alles uit het prachtige j a p a n  d/l or stream hierooo
1e uur 
ryuichi sakamoto - lp b-2 unit > sakamoto - lp esperanto > asa-chang & junray - 12" tsu gi ne pu > susuma yakota - lp image 1983-1998 > acid mothers temple - 7" hello good child > skylab 12" next > asa-chang & junray - 12" jippon > nav katze - lp never mind the distortion > indopepsychicks - 12" 5_24
2e uur
indopepsychicks - 12" 5_24 > asa-chang & junray - lp jun ray song chang > acid mothers temple - 7" you're my boy > eastenburia - 12" eastenburia > a qui avec gabriel - cd utsuho > cotton casino - 7" 100 % pure cotton > yellow magic orchestra - lp public pressure > logic system - 2x12" logic > phew - lp s/t +czukay+plank

zoooo da's wat jaaa

Friday, 15 September 2017

smiling radio tonka september 2017

holger czukay special special, my grandpa of psychedelic music of the last 39 years died last week soooooo
here's a 2 hour show::
d/l or stream at your leasure

can - peking o (lp tago mago)
czukay - good morning story
dancing in wild cirxcles
world of the universe
(lp good morning story)
czukay - hollywood symphony (lp movies)
czukay - the photo song (12")
can - the half past one
hunters and collectors
(lp landed)
czukay - my can axis
(2x10" eleven years inner space)
david sylvian+jaki liebezeit+holger czukay - mutability
(lp flux & mutability)

czukay - a maidens dream
(2x 10" eleven years inner space)
sylvian+hassell+czukay - words with the shaman
(12" alchemy box)

les vampyrettes - biomutanten
(czukay+liebezeit+plank 12")
jah wobble+czukay+liebezeit - how much are they?
where's the money?
(lp full circle)
kevorkian+wobble+czukay+edge+liebezeit - snake charmer reprise
(mini lp snake charmer)
phew (czukay+plank+liebezeit) - fragment
(lp phew)
holger czukay - witches multiplication table

(lp on the way to the peak of normal)
czukay+wobble+liebezeit - twilight world
(lp full circle)
czukay - hiss 'n listen
(lp on the way to the peak of normal)

jaaa das mijn opa

aug 2017 radio tonka

jaaa jaaa ja jaja jaaa  dit is katcuriosa :: krankpappa & kenny harder :: kattenvoer meets obscuriosa

d/l or stream

vanwege langgeleden deze keer geen tracklist nu (komt nog wel?) maaaaar 4th world is het keyword (zoals ooit geintroduceerd door jon hassell in de 80's) en dan anno nu

kattenvoer juli 2017 radio tonka + uurtje obscuriosa ook door mij

stream or d/l


missing brazilians >  khan jamal creative arts ensemble > francis bebey - akwaaba lp (oma 105) > awott lp (feeding tube rec) > prince far-i (on-u sound) > african head charge > 


asian women on the telephone - ivan lp > jon hassell - dream theory in malaya lp > khan jamal creative arts ensemble > bill laswell - baselines lp > the eternals - black museum ep (easthetics rec) 

Sunday, 4 June 2017

juni kattenvoer .. 3 u u r jaaa

diepe onderdompeling

stream or download

uur 1
uur 2
uur 3

hour 1 :::
jah wobble - a long long way > missing brazillians - on u sound > jah wobble - nocturnal > missing brazillians - warzone on-u sound > sugar b - authentic disco > jah wobble - romany trail berlin > missing brazillians > jah wobble - fading > bill laswell - baselines

 hour 2 :::
don cherry > music, wisdom, love > ghedalia tazartes - checkpoint charlie > bill laswell - baselines > ekkehard ehlers - a life without fear >

hour 3 :::
the eternals - black museum > miles davis - on the corner > isotope 217 - hodah > sun ra - atlantis

diep he?

Friday, 5 May 2017

kattenvoer mei 2017 @ radio tonka

d/l or stream 

:: trax :: 

hafler trio - seven hours sleep 

call back the giants - incidents of travel 

mark vernon - lend an ear, leave a word 

lieven martens moana - idylls 

no neck blues band - ever borneo! 

tarzana - alien wildlife estate 

don cherry - organic music society 

en vergeet niet wat ik net zei :: nieuwe alice coltrane op luaka bop

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

kattenvoer april 2017 radio tonka

d/l or stream >>> 


they came from the stars i saw them - s/t > ascoltare - fatty parts > ergo phizmiz - two quartets 02 > eardrum - last light > coil - the sea priestess > asmus tietchens - stupor mundi 

dank voor die bloemen

Friday, 3 March 2017

psigothic industrialspokenword electrojazz +++ radio tonka march 2017 - 3 hours

yes yes yes 3 hours of kattenvoer & obscuriosa op de 1ste donderdagnacht van march 2017

stream or download

>>> hour 1 :: <<<

hertsi - kohina . sahko 1993 /  severed heads - clifford darling please don't live in the past . b1+2 1985 /  leyland kirby - intrigue & stuff 1 2011 /  thieving dreamer - hot love 2 . irdial 1989 /  severed heads - gashing the old mae west 12" 1986

>>> hour 2 :: <<< 

ghedalia tazartes - check point charlie 1990 /  pied gauche . jiflure 2012 /  graham lambkin's the shadow ring - remains un changed . kye records 1998-2012 

>>> hour 3 :: <<< 

william s burroughs - nothing here now but the recordings . industrial recs 1981 /  sun ra - there is change in the air . the antique blacks 1974 /  w s b /  sun ra /  w s b /  basil kirchin - quantum . trunk recs 2003


Friday, 3 February 2017

tonka feb17

lekker dark nicely donker 

Safiyya ‎– Shareek Hayaat ///

Mudboy ‎– Impossible Duets //

Throbbing Gristle ‎– Journey Through A Body /

Graham Lambkin ‎– Community //

Nurse With Wound ‎– She And Me Fall Together In Free Death ///

Coil ‎– The New Backwards // /

Saturday, 7 January 2017

kattenvoer en obscuriosa op radio tonka 06-jan-2017

ga maar luisteren

sun ra - strange strings lp > don cherry - organic music society 2lp > the khan jamal creative arts ensemble lp

obscuriosa met kenny harder & krank pappa >>>

ik draai hype williams / holger czukay / ghedalia tazartes / shitcluster / jah wobble / nog een hype / martin rev 

kenny harder draaide alle andere tunes, moet je maar 's aan 'm vragen welke dan

Friday, 2 December 2016

december 2016 on radio tonka

african head charge special

tracks from the first 4 ahc lp's plus the recent 10" and "return of the crocodile" lp on on-u sound

Friday, 4 November 2016

kattenvoer op radio tonka november 2016

b h w l e g h

neeee neee neeeeeee neee nee twas timo van luijck murille en graham lambkin community en mark vernon op kye


Friday, 7 October 2016

diep pata luisteren

ga het wel uitleggen

vernon & burns meet lied musick >>> kubin's pataphysical tape klub >>>  timo afanes >>> basil kirchin 



Friday, 2 September 2016

september show

deep jazz psych thingie for the end of summer

don cherry --- jac berrocal/david fenesch/ghedalia tazartes --- af ursin --- the khan jamal creative arts ensemble


Friday, 5 August 2016

KattenVoer Augustus op radio Tonka

coucou - genesis p in some form 
ghedalia tazartes - traces de coups
karel appel - le cavalier blanc
idea fire company - metropolis
wolf eyes - catching the rich train
af ursin -kind of black
 ghedalia - la mort de berchou

fine fleur 19 + 20 augustus @ de besturing

Thursday, 5 May 2016

mei 2016 radio tonka

twas de hele kant special ... eerst ekkehard ehlers dan francis bebey en laatst alice coltrane

Friday, 8 April 2016

1e donderdagnacht van april 00.00-01.00


jaaa ja jaaa dat was mijn ding

Friday, 4 March 2016

tonka show march 2016

m u t a n t   j a z z    t r i b e
start from 01.43 :::  

bill laswell panthalassa miles davis translation - black satin / what if
 hieroglyphic being & j.i.t.u. ahn-sahm-buhl - fuck the ghetto / think about outer space
 morgan buckley - weather report
daniel givens - rotation
hieroglyphic being & j.i.t.u. ahn-sahm-buhl - civilization that is dying
early one - earth
annie anxiety - third gear
daniel givens - transitional
morgan buckley - innercity hum
e i n d e
jaha einde
 (hiero root of)

Saturday, 6 February 2016

radio tonka februari 2016

black sci-fi dancehall psych-out


eardrum>african head charge>sun ra arkestra>dadawah>lee scratch perry>sun ra>hieroglyphic being>eardrum>lee perry

Friday, 4 December 2015

tonka 041220150001

philip k. dick special

1 sun ra   there are other worlds (they have not told you of)

2 a day in the afterlife pkd bbc arena *sound cut-up

3 mudboy   martian timeslip

d/l or stream from

arena pkd

Friday, 2 October 2015

krank pappa oktober 2015 radio tonka

to my surprise this turned out to be a very mild & gentle indian summer mix 
(download or stream)

<<< laurie anderson - kokoku /// niobe - radioersatz /// annie anxiety - third gear /// jah wobble - bedroom /// the durutti column - requiem for a father /// niki mono & nikolas klau - flaming (syd barrett) /// snakefinger - living in vain /// ariel pink - life in l.a. /// can - from the movie deadlock >>>

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

phil & monica visiting radiotonka this sundayyy last sunday yesterday

christmas in august

on a sunday? yes yes yes phil & monica live in the studio   with jack tulp and krankpappa spinning tunes
w i l d ! ! !
stream or d/l >>>

Friday, 10 July 2015

playlist july show on radio tonka

>>>listen here<<<

1st hour

2nd hour

hour one:::<john cage - radio music (steve pittis, radio / for band of pain)><holger czukay - my can axis (from eleven years innerspace 2x10")><3 tracks from flaming tunes lp (gareth davis from this heat / maar dan solo)><eggblood audio cardigan :: a revolutionary stitch in time saves dentist # 9 (on soundcloud ><felix kubin und das mineral orchester - zufall>

hour two:::<goodiepal - from "bigmag #1 symmetry"><krank pappa - kattenvoer e.p. (to be released on sometime)><shitcluster - what is right now live in 79><pythagoras - the correlated abc (10" b1)><harry merry - harry merry's full revolution # 9><arto lindsay - from "better and old demon than a new god" ... giorno poetry systems lp>

hhhhhhhmmmm   n i c e

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

yes 1e donderdagnacht van juni 

klaus nomi <> eno <> felix/tietchens <> asa chung & jun ray <> the pataphysical tape club ::: felix kubin (from a split lp included in the big mag #2 from peter fengler's de player in rotterdam) <> robert wyatt <> asmus/kubin >>> klaus nomi

Friday, 3 April 2015

april 2015 tonka

<<<<<<<   on-u sound records   s p e c i a l   >>>>>>>

p s y c h e d e l i c   i n d u s t r i a l    d u b 
starts out sweet, gets sour and turns bitter
 feels one love
   new age steppers - state assembly >>> n e s - love forever >>> voice of authority - fuh fuh >>> missing brazilians - ace of wands >>> akabu - theme >>> creation rebel - eugenic device >>> annie anxiety - turkey girl >>> mark stewart + mafia - learning to cope with cowardice >>> ???beautiful mistake??? >>> singers and players+prince far-i - charisma - water the garden >>> voice of authority - feeling wild

Friday, 6 March 2015

heee hallooo, deze 1e donderdagnacht van maart is er weer vers kattenvoerrrr

luister maar

freeform::wakkersticks>morgan buckley::call incoming>hieroglyphic being::outer nothingness (a sun ra tribute)>eric copeland::cam on the cob>william s burroughs::nothing here now but the recordings>fall out fall out station fall out!!! and the poprobot trying to take over for 3 minutes>final w s b>eric copeland::scones and bull>morgan buckley::heavy traffic

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

september show

finally nothing the matter ... gewoon beetje plaatjes draaien, leuk hoor!
 (downloaden kan nu ook gewoon)
moondog - moondog monologue (lp more moondog 1956, re honest jons)
the no neck blues band - the kali yuga/move and stand in phase (lp first kingdom of the ghost 2004 sound @ 1)
harry partch - barstow (8 hitchhiker inscriptions from a highway railing, begun in 1941. lp the world of harry partch 1969 columbia)
berrocal/fenech/tazartes - joy divisé (lp superdisque 2011 sub rosa)
faust - meadow meal (lp faust 1971 polydor)
can - bring me coffee (lp tago mago 1971, re spoon)
sunburned hand of the man - (lp complexion 2005 manhand)
in preparation of vrijhaven with frankensteins ballet

juli 2014 show!!!

heee hooo hallooo, mooie kattenvoer van juli op roeland ridder van krimpen's verjaardag yeeeeeh!!!

met in den beginne een ruim half uur mijn cadeautje: bertolt brecht & kurt weill 's "drei groschen oper"  << >>  en daarna vloeien kattenvoer en obscuriosa inelkaar over  >>>  4 uur hoor met parels van jack tulp, kenny harder en krank pappa. ja.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

1e donderdagnacht 00u van j u n i

alles draait deze keer om   SAFIYYA   de lp die een dag van te voren bij me binnenkwam >
project van   Pat Murano & Brad Rose    no-neck en digitalis ... met daaromheen wat 1961 egyptisch touristenbureau gedoe (in het frans) en locked grooves van Starfish Pool

kopieer in je player
of in je browser[year]=2014&t[month]=6&t[day]=6&t[hour]=0

Friday, 2 May 2014

1e donderdag van m e i familyshow

geen special maar wel een soort van thema:: mijn muzikale family en dan beperkt tot "active in the 80's" . . . zoiets >>>joy

terug te luisteren door hetvolgende in je favo player te pasten
dit dan in je browser[year]=2014&t[month]=5&t[day]=2&t[hour]=0

met uiteindelijk:: holger czukay-invisible man/holger hiller-das feuer/nasmak-this spot/richard h. kirk-the greedy eye/die krupps-stahlwerksynfonie/voice of authority-in another world/jon hassel-solaire/material-dark things/klaus nomi-nomi song/ici a commence l'histoire-son et lumiere pyramides et sphinx

Friday, 4 April 2014


fijne tonkanight

i r d i a l   special

with a treat of  s u n   r a

op het eind



Thursday, 27 February 2014

weer tonka trouble

ondanks dat de linker draaitafel geen signaal gaf en ik alleen vinyl bij me had was het toch nog een a a r d i g e show

met african headcharge, missing brazillians and annie anxiety

maar de original plan was om veel meer weirde on-u sound shit te laten horen ... next time

deze was :: 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

terug op radio tonka

ja jaa, jaaah sinds november. elke 1e donderdagnacht van de maand tussen 00:00 en 01:00

listen back here:

***november 2013

playlist? okee :: robert ashley - in sara, mencken, christ and beethoven there were men and women :: mudboy - philip k. dick :: the rebel - ambient pasteman :: severed heads - i stand on my head :: anton heyboer - woman gives herself by her eyes and thats it :: mik quantius - kick a bit against the shit. en ook ! jaaa met Pjer Shan op de casio bij de Anton Heyboer trax

!<<<***december 2013 (eerste 15 minuten stilte op dhfm. no concept pure failure)

special rond het kye records label van graham lambkin (the shadow ring) die dus onthoofd is door die storing op dhfm en daarna zwaar distorted doorkwam ... >>>!*

***januari 2014

playlist :: suicide - frankie teardrop (the detective meets the space alien) :: niki mono & nikolas klau - flaming (syd cover) :: coum transmissions (a tape in regress dais 23) :: goodiepal/gaeoujiparl - live-i-n-chapel hill (red man k's bedrifter, hele kant side A)

Friday, 7 October 2011

eindelijk weer een kattenvoer op tonka

:: audio :: hier streamen ::

fijn donker uurtje prettige radio met >>>

coum transmissions :: sugarmorphosis
decimus :: #8
ekoplekz :: intrusive incidentals vol.1


Friday, 19 August 2011

tonka daarnet nieuwe kattenvoer

:: audio >>hier :: ...

call back the giants en asmus tietchens waren de tussenstukjes ...
shitcluster, hieroglyphic being + unit moebius anonymous vormden de hoofdmoot. ja.


Thursday, 18 August 2011

machine-trained the hague heads


zooo dan, bijna alles verklapt

maaaaaar ome sjors heeft nog 1 truuk up z'n sleeve ...

Friday, 5 August 2011

nieuwe kattenvoer op radio tonka ...

mooi donker uurtje met britse truly underground shit   >>listen<<   playlist :: 1-graham lambkin & scott foust in a hotelroom in florida (youtube) 2-3-4 the shadow ring (kye records) 5-hacker farm (no label) 6-7 ship canal (no label) 8-9 call back the giants (kye records)

Friday, 22 July 2011

tonka 22 juli 's nachts van 00 tot 01

john maus special, met een uur lang maus tunes en de master zelf aan het woord   >>listen<<  

Friday, 24 June 2011

radio tonka thursdaynight 24th of june

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>kattenvoer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<   summer special   3 uur lang, want obscuriosa is op reis ja jaa jaaa, la douce france ... l ' agrippa! maar kattevoer blijft thuis
het gaat van rauwe minimale rock naar zwarte s-f en eindigt in technofobia
///oftewel voor de die-hards///
hr1:: velvet underground > santa cruz > faust > wendy carlos
hr2:: john handy qt > francis bebey > mustapha addy > bill laswell > rootsman > jah wobble > playgroup > jah wobble > annie anxiety
hr3:: sonic catering band > sakamoto > like a tim > shitcluster > james leyland kirby > throbbing gristle >
thieving dreamer > like a tim > ekoplekz > severed heads > alice coltrane

Friday, 17 June 2011

tonka vrijdag 17 juni van 00:00 tot 01:00

zoals die dingen lopen gaan ze uiteindelijk best goed  >>listen<<   beefheart > miles davis > can > sun ra > robert ashley   .   .   .  

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

1ste solo tonka

kattenvoer nog niet eigenlijk

stijve uitvoering

1st prins dolby show on radio tonka 3rd of june 2011 from 00:00 till 1 :: 60 minutes of harry partch and goodiepal ::>>listen<<
***prachtige pagina over harry partch, waar je ook online zijn zelfgebouwde instrumenten kan bespelen
***mooie intro per gaeoudjiparl